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tobacco display ban
  • Interpreting Tobacco
    Display Ban under Retailer's point of view.

    Is well known, the law on the display of tobacco products and their prices in England is changing.

  • 6 April 2015

    From 6 April 2012, large shops have been affected. All other shops and businesses selling tobacco products will be affected from 6 April 2015. From these dates it will be illegal to display tobacco products in the relevant shops and businesses in England.

  • Radical change

    Display Ban is forcing a radical change on how tobacco products are sold on retailer's shop, the change therefore must be interpreted under the retailer's point of view and not by the manufacturer.

React by increasing volume sales !

Overhead cigarette dispenser EXPOTUTTO !

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See how a retailer can react by increasing volume sales!

There is an intense debate between retailers who expect manufacturers to provide the necessary modification to current gantries, but the question shoud be, Are manufacturers providing a solution that considers my real shop needs? The curtains or sliding doors provided to cover current gantries, if and when provided, are designed to work in
my shop ?

The space covered by curtains or sliding doors, is the most hot sales area in the shop and must be treated as a sales area and not covered. That area can be used for creating NEW and PROFITABLE REVENUE STREAM by displaying and selling higher margin products.

EXPOTUTTO GROUP directly designs and produces innovative solutions for Retailers. Its flagship product is Servertab, an overhead cigarette dispenser who provides great benefits as follows:

  • Storing tobacco overhead frees up the space behind the counter, allowing the display of different products and stimulating new purchases
  • Provides a quick and tangible ROI of about 6 months, even less if using In Shop Adverts on Servertab
  • Provides quick service time, thus eliminating/reducing line queues in front of the cash register
  • The salesperson always faces the client, he/she doesn't need to turn continuously
  • The salesperson has access to a large stock stored in a minimal amount of overhead space
  • The customer can see everything behind the counter stimulating the "impulse purchase"
  • The system’s design discourages shoplifting and enhances store security
  • It complies to the Display Ban directives "Dark market Ready"
  • Servertab creates a new space in the shop (its public side) that can be used for in shop advertisement messages using LCD video


The tobacco display ban will come into force in April 2015 for all stores that are 280 m2 (3000 square feet) and under.